Laboratory State License
Information for Clinical
Laboratory Personnel

Below you will find a list of states
that require their own specific license
for laboratory personnel. All of the
states that require a state license
are reciprocal to the American
Society for Clinical Pathology
(ASCP)certification.  In the state of
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Florida Laboratory License
Board of Clinical Laboratory Personnel
(850) 245-4355

Adding Specialty
Georgia Laboratory License
Office of Regulatory Services

Laboratory Director
Louisiana Laboratory License
Licensure Division
(504) 568-6820

Clinical Laboratory Personnel
Montana Laboratory License
Science Practitioners
(406) 841-2395

Clinical Laboratory Personnel
Nevada Laboratory License
Nevada State Health Division
(775) 684-1030

Clinical Laboratory Personnel
Laboratory Director Application
New York Laboratory License
Office of the Professions
(518) 474-3817 x 150

Clinical Laboratory Technologist & Technician
North Dakota Laboratory License
Division of Laboratory Services
(701) 530-0199

Clinical Laboratory Personnel
Rhode Island Laboratory License
Board of Clinical Laboratory Sciences
(401) 222-5960

Clinical Laboratory Personnel
Tennessee Laboratory License
Medical Laboratory Board
(615) 532-3202

Clinical Laboratory Personnel
West Virginia Laboratory License
Department of Health & Human Services
(304) 558-3530

Clinical Laboratory Personnel
California and New York, they only accept reciprocity with the ASCP certification if you
were certified by 2004 or after.  All other states reciprocate with ASCP regardless of
when you received your certification.  It is important to note that not all states have
state licensing requirements.  Currently there are 12 states requiring a state license.  
Those states are California, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada, New
York, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Tennessee, and West Virginia.  Contact information
to each states licensing board is listed below as well as a link to their application.