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Laboratory State

Looking for information
about getting licensed
as a laboratory
professional in a
particular state?  Or
perhaps you're looking
to start your own
laboratory and you need
to get your lab
Laboratory Personnel - State Licensing

Did you know there are 12 different states that require their own specific state license?  
Everyone seems to know that New York, Florida, and California have a state license but
not everyone is familiar with the other nine states.
Click here to see a full list, including
contact information for each states licensing board and a link to their application.  
Laboratory Facilities - State Licensing

Starting a new laboratory? Changing Laboratory Director's?  Access  to all the forms
you need to get your lab registered with the state and to make changes within your lab
are right here.  
Click here to get started.
registered and licensed by the state.  Everything you need to know about laboratory
state licensure is right here in an easy to use, easy to understand format.  You can
also view current
job openings and the latest news in the field.